My Healing Story


Several years ago, I had a dental procedure that left me with a chronic infection in my cheek bone. I was antibiotic resistant, and the infection was affecting my entire body. I saw several dentists and specialists, yet no-one knew how to help me. I was told that I might have a super bug, or I needed an invasive surgery. Others simply gave up on me entirely.

It had been over six months and my overall health was deteriorating. Most days, I stayed in bed. When I had a drop of energy I would search the internet looking for answers.

Eventually, I turned to holistic and spiritual remedies. I came across personal stories of people who had healed themselves through prayer. I also discovered energy healing, which I had never heard of. I probably would have dismissed it as fake, but I was desperate and willing to try anything. I searched to find a healer in my area, but couldn’t find someone I felt was authentic.  The few I did like were too far out of reach, so I decided to “treat” myself.

I have always had a strong faith in God and intuitively felt that faith was the only thing that could help me. I ask for Gods healing, then held my hand over my cheek and waited (I’ll admit) with skeptical anticipation. Within minutes, I could feel the pain lifting. I was absolutely shocked and elated, all at once. I kept this up for months until I was completely well. I tried the same technique on others and was told that they could feel the healing energy coming from my hands.

I have worked with many since that time, and learned that every person and experience would be different. A small percentage do not feel the energy at all and get no benefit, while others respond almost immediately.

I did not seek this ability, but believe it found me. It has forever changed my life and how I experience it. One of the worst traumas of my life turned out to be my greatest blessing. To help those who are in pain and suffering, is a gift.